Why Have Instaroid At Your Event


For anyone planning an event, it is essential for them to think through how they will keep their guests entertained and engaged through out the event. They also need to know how to make the event as memorable as possible that it leaves a wow feeling for the guests. Below are reasons why one needs to have them at their event, whether a launch, cooperate party or wedding.

Why Instaroid

What is itposing

Instaroid is a device that is used to print photographs in real time. It is an easy to use, light and compact gadget that one can easily set up. If you are having an event, you can have the gadget setup to engage and use it to engage your guests. The photos printed are around the size of a credit card about 85.60 x 53.98mm in dimension. Such a photo can easily fit in one’s wallet.

Keep guests mingling

The use of the instaroid is a great way of keeping guests engaged and mingling. It allows people to take the photography on their hands. One is able to capture photos on their phone with other guests and instantly print it as a keep sake. Whether it is a wedding where family or friends who have not met in ages or a product launch where guests may be networking with each other it is a great way to keep people connecting and mingling.

Able to tailor the background

One is able to design and make the background and layout of the photos that the guests will be taking. If you are having a cooperate event you can have your brand sticker on the photo and design it in a way that is unique and able to have an impact for your brand. If it a wedding you can have your weddings theme colors as the background or a unique design.

A tool for marketing

The device can be used to upload images to various social media accounts and share with people what is happening. This caters for both the company or brand that is holding an event and also the guests who are attending. One it will help in selling and marketing once company and brand as people share photos of the event. This, in turn, creates a buzz about your event and brand and initiates conversations about you both online and offline. For the guests, it keeps their followers up to date with what they are up to.


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