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Benefits of Google Fax

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Effective communication is essential to the success of any business. One of the crucial factors that people look out for when looking for services is communication. Therefore if you want to run a successful business, you may want to ensure that you have the right communication channels in your organization. Google online fax has become popular in many organizations, and this can be attributed to the fact that numerous benefits are associated with it. If you were thinking of adopting free online fax Google services, but you are unsure if that will be the right decision, you need to read this article to the end.

Easy to Use

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Any communication system that you embrace in your organization needs to be easy to use. Suppose people cannot easily use the system to assist in accomplishing the objectives of the business. In that case, that is an indication that it is not the right type of communication. The good thing with Google online fax is that it is easy to use. When using Google online fax, you do not need any training because the process is simple for anyone to master. If you do not want to use computer commands, you can use Google fax voice, which is even more convenient than when using a fax machine.


Another good thing with online fax is that it is very convenient. Google provides you with the level of convenience that you cannot get from a fax machine. First, the location that you are in does not matter when it comes to using Google fax. You can send and receive faxes from the place as long as you have laptops or smartphones. On the other hand, using a fax machine means that you can only send or receive your office’s faxes. This is because it is difficult to travel with fax machines from one location to another. Besides, purchasing a fax machine can be quite expensive.

Good Backup

Lastly, Google online fax offers you an excellent opportunity to back up your information. If you have important documents that you would not want to displace, you will love using Google fax. With Google fax, you can store all your information in a cloud and access it anytime you find it necessary. This is important because it lowers the chances of malicious people interfering with your data. Furthermore, Google online fax allows you to access your information from any part of the world. If you want to refer to your data for one reason or the other, Google online fax makes it even more simple.

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Send Fax from Gmail for Free


Gmail was launched in 2004 and ever since it has grown to be the leading email provider. It is the best service provider in both personal and business communication. Traditional fax technology has been revolutionized, and it is possible to send fax from Gmail free. If you have a business, it is profitable to use Gmail fax method since it saves you time and money. Automatic faxing in your company will help you to get rid of extra expenses. This method is easy and user-friendly you can embrace it for better performance.

fax using GoogleHow to Choose an Online Fax Service Provider

Before we get started, it is essential to choose an online service provider that allows you to fax via Gmail. It should allow you to convert email images to fax. Well, how can one choose the Best online fax service?

It should Come with no Setup Fee

Setting up is a simple process it is like signing up on a website. Familiarize on how to send and receive faxes via the interface but ensure it is a cost-free platform.

It should have Your Desired Local Numbers

Ensure to review the supported countries that you can send and receive faxes.

Unique Faxing Features

There is a useful online fax service that offers unique features to their clients at no charge.

How to Fax from Gmail

Let’s take a look at how you can use Gmail to send fax online. However, you need to understand that;

• The fax number is typed on the recipient field.

• When uploading the fax contents, you will attach your file on the email message.

• You can’t add cover page contents on the subject field.

The following are easy and simple steps that you can follow to fax from Gmail:

• Create a new Email message

Click on the compose button to create a new email message.

• Enter the Recipients number

On the recipient, field types the number with the area code and then add @faxprovider.com, depending on the chosen provider. For your fax to be sent double check the domain provided by your service.

• Add the cover sheet’s text.

In this step, you can add your preferred information as a cover page on the subject field.

• Attach the fax contents

It is now time to convert your files to fax such as PDF, XLS, DOC, JPG, TXT, and TIFF. You are free to add other files since they will be added to the final fax. Therefore, click on the attach files option at the lower side of the composting window to attach your documents. To achieve this, the following formats should be adhered to:

• The file size is an important consideration don’t go beyond it.

• The number of pages that you can send is usually limited via fax. It should not exceed 200 pages.

• When you are naming your file to avoid the use of some special characters.
Abiding by these recommendations is important.

• Proofread and send

Once you are done, peruse through to ensure there are no mistakes then click on the send button. You will get all the details of the fax transmission on Gmail.

keyboardGenerally, using email to fax is not only faster, but it is easy. This guide that I have provided can be used with all Gmail fax providers. Try it today!

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