Things To Look For In A Gaming Monitor


Buying the best gaming monitor is never easy. Besides the variety out there, there will always be conflicting opinions on which is the best from left, right, and center. This often ends up confusing most buyers. Well, when buying a PC monitor, the brand you will be buying is important. From the best gaming monitor comparisons, there are lots of other things that are more important than the reputation of the brand. Here are some parameters to look at when shopping for a gaming monitor.

Screen size

This is one of the most important concerns for most gamers. Well, monitorsize is not always an important consideration when buying a monitor for general use, but it is certainly important when looking for a gaming unit. Having a large screen can be good only that you also need a spacious desk to accommodate the monitor. If you have adequate space, a 24 -30-inch screen size can serve you right.

Screen resolution

The resolution of a monitor is what defines how clear the screen will be. It is usually described by some units known as pixels. When it comes to matters pixels, your benchmark should be the full HD, which measures 1,920 by 1080 pixels. Well, there are lots of other crazy options when it comes to screen resolution. As such, if your budget allows, you should consider buying a monitor higher screen resolutions.

Refresh rate

The refresh rate of a gaming monitor defines how fast the unit takes to redraw the entire screen. The refresh rate of a gaming monitor is measured in hertz. Most monitors have a refresh rate of 60Hz. However, when it comes to buying a gaming monitor, you require a refresh rate of about 120Hz. High refresh rates essentially mean that the screen has minimal motion blur and screen tearing.

Screen tearing

Screen tearingScreen tearing is what happens when the monitor shows multiple frames in a single screen draw. This is usually a consequence of poor syncing between your gaming unit, and the monitors refresh rate. To address screen tearing, you need to invest in a monitor that inbuilt sync features to take care of screen tearing and input lag issues.


Besides the monitor, what else? Some monitors come with additional accessories like speakers, special stands, mounting along with other essentials aimed at improving your gaming experience. If you have an accessory you would require in a gaming monitor; you only need to do some bit of searching as most retail outlets provide you with such deals.


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